Philips 15w Square Smart WIZ WIFI LED Downlight


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The Philips 15W Square Smart WIZ WiFi LED Downlight is a versatile and advanced lighting solution designed for efficient and customizable lighting. Here are the detailed specifications and features of this downlight:

  • Product Name: Philips 15W Square Smart WIZ WiFi LED Downlight
  • Model: Philips 15W Square Smart WIZ WiFi LED Downlight
  • Philips Order Code: 929002654701
  • Wattage: 15W
  • Body Colour: White
  • Body Material: PC (Polycarbonate)
  • Cut Out Size: 152.4 mm
  • Diameter: 170 mm
  • Fixing Type: Recessed
  • Height: 22 mm
  • Input Voltage: 160V-360V
  • LED Color Options: White (6000K) / Tunable
  • LED Color Temperature: Tunable
  • Lumen Output: 1500 lumens
  • Shape: Square
  • Type of Item: Wireless Tunable Downlight
  • Warranty: 2-Year Onsite
  • MRP (Maximum Retail Price): ₹2699
  • Product Dimensions in mm: S- 170 mm x Cut Out- 152.4 mm x H- 22 mm
  • Product ID: 4998
  • Meta Title: Philips 15W Square Smart WIZ WiFi LED Downlight


  1. Smart WiFi Connectivity: The downlight can be controlled via WiFi using the Philips WIZ app, enabling easy adjustments of brightness and color temperature from your smartphone or other smart devices.
  2. Wireless Tunable: Offers tunable color temperatures, allowing you to adjust the lighting from cool white (6000K) to various other temperatures to suit different moods and activities.
  3. High Lumen Output: With an output of 1500 lumens, this downlight provides bright and efficient lighting suitable for various environments.
  4. Energy Efficient: Consuming only 15W of power, this LED downlight is designed to be energy-efficient, reducing electricity costs while delivering optimal lighting performance.
  5. Voice Control: Compatible with popular voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, enabling hands-free control of the lighting.
  6. User-Friendly App: The Philips WIZ app provides various features including scheduling, scenes, and automation, enhancing the overall user experience.
  7. Recessed Installation: Designed for recessed installation, making it suitable for ceilings and providing a sleek, integrated look.
  8. Durable Construction: Made from durable polycarbonate (PC) material, ensuring longevity and robustness.
  9. Wide Voltage Range: Operates within a wide input voltage range of 160V-360V, making it stable and reliable under varying electrical conditions.
  10. Warranty: Includes a 2-year onsite warranty, reflecting the product’s reliability and Philips’ commitment to quality.


  • Home lighting (living rooms, kitchens, hallways)
  • Office lighting (workstations, conference rooms)
  • Retail spaces (showrooms, display areas)
  • Hospitality (hotels, restaurants)

Usage Tips:

  • Setup: Connect the downlight to your home WiFi network using the Philips WIZ app for full control over its features.
  • Customization: Use the app to set schedules, create lighting scenes, and adjust the color temperature and brightness to match different times of the day or specific activities.
  • Voice Commands: Integrate with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for convenient voice control.
  • Energy Saving: Utilize the energy-efficient features to reduce electricity consumption without sacrificing lighting quality.

The Philips 15W Square Smart WIZ WiFi LED Downlight is an innovative and versatile lighting solution that combines smart technology with energy efficiency, making it an excellent choice for modern interiors.

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