5206 6x1w Foot Light


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The 5206 6x1W Foot Light is a versatile outdoor lighting fixture designed to provide illumination and enhance safety in various outdoor environments. Here’s an overview of its features and specifications:

Key Features:

  1. High Brightness: Equipped with six 1-watt LEDs, this foot light delivers high brightness and efficient illumination. It ensures adequate lighting for pathways, stairs, decks, and other outdoor areas, enhancing visibility and safety for pedestrians.
  2. Durable Construction: The 5206 Foot Light is built to withstand outdoor elements and harsh weather conditions. It is constructed from high-quality materials, making it resistant to corrosion, rust, and UV damage. This ensures long-lasting performance and durability.
  3. Versatile Design: With its compact and versatile design, the foot light is suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications, including pathway lighting, staircase lighting, garden lighting, and architectural accents. Its low-profile design allows for seamless integration into various outdoor settings.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Despite its high brightness, the foot light is energy-efficient, helping to reduce electricity costs and environmental impact. It consumes only 6 watts of power, making it an eco-friendly lighting solution.
  5. IP Rating: The foot light is rated for outdoor use and features a high IP (Ingress Protection) rating, indicating its resistance to dust, water, and weather elements. It is suitable for installation in challenging outdoor environments.
  6. Easy Installation: Designed for simple installation, the foot light can be easily mounted on various surfaces, including walls, decks, steps, and landscape features. It comes with mounting hardware and wiring instructions for hassle-free setup.


  • Model: 5206 6x1W Foot Light
  • Power Consumption: 6 watts (6 x 1 watt LEDs)
  • Light Source: LED
  • Color Temperature: Warm White (3k)/Neutral White (4k)/White(6k)
  • Dimensions: 226mm x 114mm


  • Pathway lighting
  • Staircase lighting
  • Deck and patio lighting
  • Garden and landscape lighting
  • Outdoor accent lighting
  • Architectural lighting

Package Contents:

  • 5206 6x1W Foot Light fixture
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions

Usage Tips:

  • Install the foot light at regular intervals along pathways or staircases to ensure uniform illumination and safety.
  • Position the foot light fixtures to minimize glare and maximize visibility while providing adequate lighting coverage.
  • Consider the color temperature of the LEDs to create the desired ambiance and atmosphere in outdoor spaces.
  • Ensure proper wiring and waterproofing measures are taken during installation to protect the foot lights from moisture and environmental damage.

The 5206 6x1W Foot Light offers efficient, reliable, and visually appealing outdoor illumination, making it an excellent choice for various residential and commercial outdoor lighting applications.

Additional information

Led Colour

Warm White (3k), Neutral White (4k), White(6k)


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